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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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was the stock offering topping $100 billion. >> this is a bigger than google. >> still, it raises a possibility lawmakers swril to consider more budget cuts to makeup for additional $3 billion short fall. school leaders speculate the budget axe will be pointed their way since education wasn't slate forward cuts unless the governor's tax hikes fail. >> a lot of school districts have said that anymore cuts pish them over the edge. >> they warn cuts to welfare are way too severe. the brown administration says if california doesn't scale back benefits that the price tag for the program jumps half a billion dollars next year. live in sacramento, abc 7
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news. >> thank you. >> and tonight at least one family is devastated by the sexual assault of their child at the hands, police say of a teacher. 35-year-old craig chandler is under arrest he taught second and third greaters. the alleged victim, a student. abc 7 is live with the story tonight. >> and this letter does not mention craig chandler by name but tonight the long time teacher is in jail and a team of psychologists on campus. the emotions at whaley elementary are almost universal. the school community is in a state of shock over accusations against a popular teacher. >> we're stunned and shocked we're like, oh, my god. is it true? is it not? >> police arrested the 35-year-old craig chandler. he had been a teacher at whaley nine years, charged with felony sexual assault of a child. the school district sent home
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a letter with all of his students today its your worst nightmare. you never want to ever believe anyone that you know could be accused of something like this. >> police arrested chandler at his home in san jose last night. his neighbor says chandler's two young children play with her grandchildren and his wife is pregnant with their third child he loves his wife and loves his children. he's a wonderful weather and -- father and a good family man, a good neighbor. >> police say chandler is accused of sexual assaulting the student on campus, they're not revealing the child's age. >> we have enough information to believe it occurred at least once but believe it occurred on the school grounds between august and october of last year. 2011. >> police are also concerned about the possibility of more victims and parents are having once unthinkable conversations with their children. >> i was trying to see, my
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daughter ain't the type to talk a lot. but she says nothing happened. >> parents say they're shocked and angry and corn fused. >> i met him. i did conferences and i went on a field trip with him. you won't have ever guessed. i guess you can never tell. >> his neighbor says the crime is in conflict with the person she knows. >> if an adult takes advantage of a child he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law but i do not feel that craig is capable of doing anything like this, i do not. >> craig chandler is schedule owed to appear in court on friday. police say anyone with any information about this case or any other possible victims should call them. we have the information available on our web site. just click see it on tv. >> and a former employee can
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w.san francisco schools could face up to three life terms in prison. and is accused of sexual assaults in the mission district. the 43-year-old was in court to face 26 felony counts including assault, rebry and attempted murder, investigators used dna evidence to connect him to a crime spree. the district attorney says he used extreme force to subdue his three victims and choked one woman. into unconsciousness. >> he attacked from behind and involved a level of violence and consek qent robberies result before the suspect fled he was spotted on video surveillance worked as a food server with san francisco school district. >> and two oakland police officers have been disciplined for an incident caught on tape during occupy protests in november. officer john hargraves covered his name on his badge with black tape against regulations.
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a protestor questioned the officer his supervisor told him to remove the tape. and both men have been punished. wong was demoted to sargentent. >> you can never get the department out of compliance. and you cannot decide when you're going follow rules or not. >> and his attorney says the officer hid his name plate in order to protect himself and his family from being harassed. the statement from oakland police reads in part that this is part of an internal investigation and we dmot comment on personnel issues. >> and san francisco police are investigating an early morning robbery, an attack on a man as a hate crime happening just after 2:00 this morning. police say three men yelled homophobic slurs at the 20-year-old victims and then, the man got out of the 1970s
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oldsmobile said yn and -- sedan and started kicking and punching the man. a man and woman wanted for seven daytime street robberies. police say the first half of the day, this past and latest this past saturday, occurred between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and police say the woman approaches the victim, asks and says she has a gun, then demands victims' wallet or purse. >> individuals are targeting people walking alone and waiting for an opportunity in an area where they feel it can fit their crime. >> and they range from 18-60 years old, anyone with information is asked to call the police department. >> two adults have been arrested in the alcohol-related death of an 18-year-old. a woman was killed in an accident last february.
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the driver, an 18-year-old was arrested for dui. amelia chin and another suspect are facing charges of furnishing capitol dhol a minor, police say chin, a family friend accompanied her inside of the good and rich dairy market to help buy alcohol. the attorney called the arrest i quote, witch hunt. >> the people who make red vines have a union city candy plant are headed back to work. american licorice company announced the worker as agreed to a contract. 178 members of bakers union local pa walked off the job december 5th in a dispute over wages and benefits. the deal is the same workers were offered in november giving them a race each year and better retirement benefits. >> when it comes to jobs for 18 to 29-year-olds the u.s.
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military comes out on top. a branding company looked at millions of facebook profiles taken from networking sites and found military to be the biggest employer for the age group. other top employers were all retail chains like walmart and star bucks and target. >> and there is today marks the 10th anniversary for the opening for prison suspects at guantanamo bay cuba. and there is u.s. and coalition captured many of them on the battlefield of afghan stachbl the president signed an order to close the prison z.but it's still o guantanamo bay housed 750 detainees at its peak, held 171 as of last year. >> and the u.s. started to erode human rights and had
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victims. >> and they protested the prison's existence outside of the federal building. and they believe they have been treated inhumanely. they would like to see the u.s. pay reparation to those held. and there are similar protests took place across the country. >> a lot nor bring you here today at 5:00. coming up, over the counter cold medicines could require a prescription z window of a state building crashing down eight stories. it's a building with a storied past. >> plus, imported orange juice gets the squeeze from the feds. >> i'm sandhya patel. favor the sunshine and weather. we're going from spring like to cooler to rain. how soon you may need umbrellas.
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changes are
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. scary scene today a window fell in a building in sacramento. it happened in a building the board of equalization uses near the state capitol at 4th and n street. police cordoned off the area after this glass fell eight stories. no one was hurt but the large chunk of glass could have injured someone, maybe worse. california has spent $15 million to fix windows remove mold and repair the building. >> you may soon need a prescription in california for many popular cold medicines. lawmakers considering a bill making the drugs a controlled substance. >> challenge we have in
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california and leading exponent of crystal meth in the united states. >>. >> state senator says they'll have plenty of choices and says there are 130 cold remedies that do not contain the drug and a smoking ban is on hold tonight while lawmakers consider weeding out marijuana. the ordinance outlay laus smoking in county apartments and included marijuana and other herbs. it was sent back to committee today with supervisors said only tobacco should be banned. supervisors say there is a law covering pot. >> regular hateors banned imports of orange juns to the united states after reports of funguscide contamination. there are tests to determine if the levels are a problem. this is used abroad.
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fda says if tests found unacceptable levels it will destroy or ban products. >> none of the testing has shown levels of the chemical. and if you want to make sure you don't get this in, you can look to see the orange juice is made from oranges grown in the united states. >> the company alerted the fda and tests found the substance in its juice and that of competitors as well. >> a new facebook campaign creating a cancer barbie is gaining momentum. and people want them to create a beautiful barbie to help girl who's lost hair, if mattel agrees supporters hope part of the proceeds will go to st. jude's childrens hospital. >> and ford is recalling half
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a million minivans. the auto maker's new recall has 200,000 minivans from the 2004 and 2005 model years. officials say a critical component could fail. and also, more than 240,000 escape suvs are being recalled because of a leaky cap. ford says it will inform affected owners and replace the parts for free. if you own one, you will be notified and this morning two good samaritans who saved a couple from their burning home were honored as heroes. it was an meegsal first reunion. and from alameda county fire station 33 here is abc 7. >> you don't see people like this too much, anymore. >> this 86-year-old is talking
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about the actions taken by a couple of complete strangers last week after the union city home where he's lived since it caught fire they were working nearby. they were not closest to the scene and they were a mile and a half awaichl they saw smoke and went there just to see if they can help out. >> this is a side yard with flames and smoke coming out of the house. it was obstructing access to a gate. >> and they're going to ask if anything else is left in the house. he said no but did mention two cats were in there. so... that was... >> i don't remember. >> this main concern was his 77-year-old wife. >> this grabbed her because she's a semi invalid.
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and. >> a wife over to the neighbor's house next door. and... she went inside z he stuck around x and was talking to the fire kept. -- department. and this did very well. >> two received certificates for doing something that turned a possible tragedy into something else entirely. in union city abc 7 news. >> and there is another wave of fresh crab should hit the market soon. the north coast will open sunday following central california opening in november. and so far it has not been as productive as last year. that is when crabbers pulled in $19 million pounds. >> and let's go on to sandhya patel.
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>> not for long. >> that will change. >> yes. beautiful weather today. really hard to believe we had temperatures up near 70 degrees in watsonville. low 70s and this is to the right you may need it about a week from tonight. so you might want to start looking until then, there is a a few from our east bay hills camera. clouds and lots of sunshine. high temperatures today. and there is low 60s to low 70s, four to 12 degrees above nrm. there is a lovely view of lake tahoe enjoying blue skies. there is snow pack only 14% of normal. but that may be changing. also by the midel of the week there is a chance of rain and
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snow. to tahoe. much-needed snow as you can see there. this morning it was cold. napa county airport down to 26 degrees. clear lake and fairfield down to mid-70s -- 20s as well. pretty chilly and 37 degrees in san jose. there is cold by morning and mild by afternoon. we're going to go with that pattern again, tomorrow. so there is 50s and 60s, comfortable out there. still. clear, cold tonight z we're looking at cold nights and mild days through saturday but that is going to change into the midel of next week. and this is a spare the air day for thursday. and we have a spare the air going now. so moderate air quality foremost of the bay area. there is going to get cold
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again, 30 in fairfield. clear skies. upper 20s in napa and jant rosa. 38 in san jose. 34 in concord, you'll notice around the coast and bay moderating affects of the water. there is not so cold there. another system coming through there. dry pattern continues. large ridge of high pressure showing snow no signs budthing yet, looks like by wednesday ridge is going to start to break down. we're going start to get rain here finally by wednesday. and high temperatures for your thursday tomorrow that is into low to mid-60s, upper 60s in santa rosa. and there is 66 in san jose. and there is near 70 degrees in livermore, again. 70 degree day in salinas. mild for thursday. and even beyond as you'll
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notice. 70 degrees inland. by friday, there is cool off and on saturday, back to reality. mid to upper 50s, only. still dry until wednesday. bringing in that chance of rain into the north bay first and you can see it spreading by thursday across the bayer. >> can you believe that? winter is coming back. it's too cool. >> thank you. >> just ahead school scream room that has parents screaming mad, then, the threat of terrorism is now easier to contend w tonight at 6:00 a new detection device uses a cheap plastic to sniff out nuclear weapons. i'll be back with more at 5:00 in just a moment. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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a brave, quick thinking 15-year-old boy stopped a burglary attempt near his family's attempt in los angeles. he heard someone breaking into the house. he called 911 using his cell phone to report it. >> they opened the window. they're coming through there now. >> they're in the house. >> they're in the house? how are you sure? >> i hear them, footsteps in the kitchen. >> he's hearing footsteps in the kitchen. >> the boy hid under his bed but the prowler just feet away in the bedroom. officer as rested the burglar now this video will be used as evidence against him in court. >> and comparison -- some parents in connecticut are worked up about the way a school is handling kids who can't control their anger called the scream room. there are two room was concrete walls set up to lock kids inside when they can't control their anger, parents say they have seen kids kick
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and scream from behind these closed doors. others say they're just terrified of the room. >> there is screaming and urine yaiting on the floors. >> i think it's a bad idea sometimes a kid is overtired. >> the superintendent says he supports a detention program but says the school will hold weekly social skills lessons going forward. >> and coming up here next, want to get in on a niners play off action? it may be more affordable than you think. stay with us.
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new tonight at 6:00 a sight in the central valley holtds promise of hundreds of
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new jobs for california. the mystery is who is behind it. we'll take you there, live. and this may not look like much but you'll see how this can help train your child to speak properly z a trip to paradise. yosemite like you've never seen it before. now back to dan. >> thank you. see you then. buying a tick dwroit saturday's game is a lot like playing the market. timing is everything. ticket brokers say prices are down 20% since sunday with cheapest seats going for $157 if you can believe that. saying the game between niners and saints is the hottest selling on the site. check it out and maybe you'll get lucky and get a reasonably priced ticket. >>


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